Monday, December 31, 2007

Reminiscing About 2007

2007, also known as The Year of The Golden Fesh was a good one. Here is to 2007 that saw:
  1. The humble starts of my stand-up comedy career.
  2. Me give-up coffee.....mmmmmm...coffffeeeeeeee.
  3. The end of my long-haired, gay, Mexican pool-boy look.
  4. The Rise of The Lord of The Fesh
  5. The unsociable Fesh succumb and join Facebook.
  6. Me break my bed due to ..*ahm*... my highly active and athletic sex life.
  7. Me psychotically countdown (T-10/T-9/T-8/T-7/T-6/T-5/T-4/T-3/T-2/T-1/T) to the Simpsons movie. And then watch it an undisclosed number of times.
  8. Me expose my sever case of untouchy-unfeely-ness to the world.
  9. The rise of Iron Fesh
  10. The beginning of my career as a published author (Nov07, Dec07)
Although 2007 had it's fair share of sad events too, I have to decided to reminisce only about the good ones! In a couple of hours I'm heading to the uber new year's PARTAAAAYYYY to welcome 2008 in style! Have a great one everyone and


Ma 3lina said...

Happy new year :)

I'm glad that u put the good things in 2007 it gave me the idea to search 4 the good stuff in it

the broken bed thing is hilarious lol

wish u the best of luck in 2008

Feshfesh said...

Happy New Year dude!I had a blast @ the new year's partay too! Hope you had a great night yesterday! And all the best to you too in 08!

Nora said...

Happy New Years beautiful!

I have noticed that with Munqy out of the country your blog kinda sucks! Hmm... wait. Was that mean of me?


Feshfesh said...

Nah... I agree... my blog losses it's X-rated-ness when Munqy and Jade are inactive. I like to think it's still an average PG-13 blog though :)