Friday, December 25, 2009

On Offending Argentines

Well it's about time, I need to add another nation to my "must rip on" list and I think I got a head start on Argentina:
Overexcited Argentine: MAN! You have to try dulce de leche!
Fesh: uhm, what?
Overexcited Argentine: Dude, this is the REAL stuff a true Argentine desert which is AWESOME!
Fesh: Oh, wow, yeah I should try that!
Overexcited Argentine: Oh yeah, wait I'll order some for desert right now!
Fesh: Okay?
Three minutes later, waiter brings some ice cream, Fesh inhales it.
Overexcited Argentine: SO???
Fesh: What?
Overexcited Argentine: How do you like dulce de leche?!
Fesh: Do you mean this wasn't regular ice cream?
Unamused, but still overexcited Argentine: Not the ice cream! The sauce on it! That's the dulce de leche and legend has it that it was invented by mistake when an Argentine was mixing some milk and then something fell....
Fesh: Let me stop you here, wasn't that sauce caramel?
Visibly angry Argentine: NO IT'S NOT, it's dulce de leche, invented by an Argentine.
Fesh: Dude, even on the wiki page of dulce de leche it says it tastes like caramel, which means it wasn't invented by an Argentine, rather it was invented by a very hairy man, in his cave, right after he was finished with this new round thing he called The Wheel.

.....and that's how you trash a national desert. It's that simple.