Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Fluffy Post

So yeah, I have been tagged by Daily and I am now required, by article 5 of The Unwritten Code of Bloggers, to comply. Damn you Daily.

See, I have tried so hard to make this blog about things that I find strange, entertaining or just downright stupid. Therefore a list of ten things I am thankful for, will be a diversion. Then again, I don't want to be the dude who violates The Unwritten Code... not after what happened to that Vietnamese blogger. It was horrible, I still have nightmares about that. But that's a topic for another post.

I am thankful for:
1. My family, my friends and my interests in life.
2. Girl-on-girl porn.
3. Ale-ke-hole.
4. The dude who invented Risk (the board game).
5. Shroooooms.
6. Regular porn.
7. Baba Abdou. (mmmmmm.... sodo2)
8. Girl-on-girl porn. (I know! It's too good).
9. George W. Bush.
10. World peace.

Okay, okay, you got me. I am not THAT thankful for world peace, I ran out of ideas and I thought that squeezing in another girl-on-girl porn was going to be pushing it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Blasphemous Post

I wonder if God is kool. All religions do a good job painting a picture of God as almighty and all-knowing. But is he kool? Because you see, if he is kool, he'd be kool in a Godly way. That is: Kool.

Probably the best way to check for God's koolness would be, unfortunately, after you die. After God has gone through your short list of good deeds, he'll start reading the other, longer one. How he reacts to this list will be a dead (huh? huh? see it's funny becuase you are dead... get it? *nudge *nudge) giveaway. If he's like: well, you didn't kill anyone, didn't rob a bank and never intentionally hurt anyone so you're alright (maybe gives you fist bump? oh sorry, a Godly fist bump). Then he's kool. If he'll bring up that time in 3rd grade when you had an extra cookie that technically "was not yours", he's not.

I have a feeling that God is kool. Of course if he is kool, he would also have an interesting sense of humor. I imagine that after he lets me into Heaven he'll add: Wait. Do you see this uber hot chikita over there? The one next to the pyramid of free donuts? Yes, I reply. You can not touch either, he adds.

Three minutes later I would be roasting in Hell's eternal fire thinking: That was totally worth it.

Note: This post was brought to you in collaboration with Munqy, who has also not been posting for a while since Jade promised us a revealing video if we did post on the same day. You can find proof here. Jade, now you have to do good on your promise.