Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's Funny!

Few weeks ago I was in London and we decided to attend a Comedy show. We went online and picked a comedy club that was offering some special last-minute tickets. The comedians were hilarious, I was suckling on my Guinness like there is no tomorrow..... simply it couldn't have been better. Halfway through the show they announced a "Joke Competition" whereby they'll distribute some paper slips that has the beginning of a joke and we need to complete it. I thought it's a great idea until I got the slip, it read:

What's the difference between Stephen Hawking and an astronaut?

Time was short and I knew I had to ace this one, my whole future as a Stand-Up Comedian depended on that moment. Being the nerd I am, I was actually quit familiar a lot of Professor's Hawking's work which made it much harder to complete the joke. The time was up, so quickly I jotted down: astronaut pees in a tube only in Space.

I was SO excited when my joke was short-listed to the final 5. Now, the presenter read each joke, got the initial reaction from the audience and then asked the author of the joke to identify himself/herself. In the case of my joke, the presenter read it, the whole audience booed it instantly and then I got my slip of paper -literally- thrown in my face! Seriously, this is really what happened!

I think I am one of those amazing minds who are usually like 15 years ahead of their time. Mark my words this joke will be hilarious in the year 2022.

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