Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cold Hearted Fesh

Call me cold hearted but I don't buy the whole Animal Rights movement. How can does that compare to other issues like: Global Warming? AIDS? or the fact that a huge percentage of the Earth's population is suffering from malnutrition?

I really don't get the fact that so many people dedicate so much of their spare time to helping out in those organizations, I understand that we are all different and we have different interests, but help me understand how can the interest of your fellow human beings (dieing in Africa because of civil wars) be of a less priority than that of mice dieing in lab tests?

Assuming all abuses to all animals in the world are stopped (thanks to the efforts of all those great organizations out there), how does that help us as humans? Off course we can all feel good about helping some helpless creatures which is a very noble objective in itself, I am just wondering would we rather live in a world where all humans are happy and mice are not, or the other way around.... does that make me cold hearted?


Munqy said...

You cold-hearted SOB...

Here's the thing though, isn't our compassion as a race determined by how we treat those weaker? Sure there are more important things to focus on now, but should we abandon the less important until it is too late to do something?

By too late I mean, obviously, creating a race of mutant giant white rats in a lab which then take over the world and enslave the human race. It will happen, we've all seen Pinky and The Brain.

Homer said...


... but really to your point, if our compassion as a race is determined by how we treat those who are weaker, why don't we apply this on fellow human beings who are much much weaker than us?

Do you know there are now all those micro financing websites, so for 10$ or 20$ you can help someone in a remote place buy a fishing net and become more financially able.... isn't that compassionate enough, or there has to be mice included you prevy sick sick man...

Homer said...

I read about this micro financing thing:

I read about it in my $3 Wall Street Journal (I'm not kidding)... yes I am hypocritical.

Munqy said...

Okay yes, people should try to help their fellow man, but just because you are helping other people doesn't mean that you should then pat yourself on the back and say "good job, once the world is perfect for us humans I will turn my attention to the smaller creatures". You know why that won't work? Because the world will never be perfect. Compassion should include everything, from less fortunate human beings to weaker creatures. Helping the one doesn't mean that you have done your duty and can now ignore the other.

Generally speaking, I try and do at least one good deed a day, no matter how minor - it could be just an extra LE5 to a cab driver who I felt needed it or giving my phone to a waiter on mother's day so he could call his mum.

But dude, some of these animal testing things are really bad, injections and forced feedings when they really do not always mean anything. Animals have different biologies and physiologies, so just because something has a certain effect on one creature does not mean it will have the same effect on another.