Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Iron Curtain is Up

I spent the last 12 months without a shower curtain, I don't know why. When I moved in this apartment, was none and since my bath is one of those none-standard shaped one I couldn't just buy a standard 1.5 meter tube with a curtain. I actually had to look for a mechanism that can be bent by hand so that it could take the curve of the tub I have.

The interesting thing I noticed is that not having a shower curtain introduced some limitations on my showering experience. For instance, forget about showering while not facing the wall, it's basic fluid dynamic: water comes from shower head bounces off you and wets everything in the bath. So for the last 12 months I had to take showers facing the wall............. I don't like this, reminds me of my early years in school...*ahm* ... not the showering part, the facing the wall part I meant.

The months of only-facing-the-wall showers are OVER! for EyE have a shower curtain at last! woho!


NileGirl said...

I like your blog. You're weird and funny. And the best part is your posts are short so even if i start to get bored it's already over. Will have to add you to my blog reader despite the fact that you succumbed to facebook.

Homer said...

Damn it, I knew joining facebook was going to come back and bite me,,,

But hey, thanks for the compliment! :)

*Fesh blushes....