Friday, December 07, 2007

0.5 Decades Later

Oh I remember that day, the sleep deprivation, the stress and the inhumane amounts of coffee inhaled to prep for it. But I think we put on a great show, we prepared very well for it and ontop of this we added a counter and tried to set a new world record! I think it took us 14 mins or so to generate a signature and a removal tool for a new 'malicious code'. Off course part of that demo was staged, nonetheless it was uber. My parents were pretty impressed and that's what matters.

That day was the climax of my 4.5 year rollercoaster at university, key highlights of my uni-life:
-Badminton (as gay as it sounds, big shout out to Hamema!)
-Assignments, mid-terms and grades.
-Dressing up as a belly dancer (bra, wig, make-up and all) and showing up on campus for a party.
-Assignments, mid-terms and grades.
-Making LOTS friends, falling in love and breaking up.
-Assignments, mid-terms and grades.
-Representing many countries in many councils in those make-believe Model UN/AL conferences.
-Assignments, mid-terms and grades.
-Interning with The Evil Corporation.
-Designing a full stock market simulation system and having 50 people run around in suites for 3 days trying to make money.
-Assignments, mid-terms and grades.
-And last and definitely not least, The One, The Only, The Ultimate Nemesis. BIG SHOUT OUT to you guys, you were and are the best: Maggie, Douby, Fox, Pete et moi.

Ah.... good times, good times. I don't wish them back, I look forward to the better times to come and I wonder, where would I be in another 0.5 decades?


Nora said...

Do you have pictures of you dressed up as a belly dancer?

I wanna see! I wanna see! I wanna see!!!!!

Feshfesh said...

I knew this was going to come up, let me give the FAQ's on this one:

Q1. Do you have pictures?
A1. Yes, stored behind a 15 feet reinforced steal door, 7 floors underground. In an undisclosed location.

Q2. Can I see them?
A2. No.

Q3. Oh come on?
A3. No.

Q4. Pleeeeeeeease?
A4. No.

A5. No.


Munqy said...

Sorry, but my eyes went straight to the belly-dancer cross-dressing thing. Was anything else in this post worth reading?

Munqy said...

Dude, you do realise that I can probably get the pics fairly easily and post them, right?

Feshfesh said...

The "Badminton" gay connotations?

Nora said...

Same thing happened to me!
I say we torture him and get the pics!

Feshfesh said...

How much?

Munqy said...

The pleasure I will gain from embarrassing you in public far outweighs any monetary gain.

Feshfesh said...

I'll do anything.

Nora said...

Are you offering sexual favors to someone other than me?!?!?!?!?!?

I thought you were my bitch!!!

Feshfesh said...

er....what? And yes I'm Munqy's biatch as long as he has access to the photos. As soon as I'll land in elCairo I'll seek-n-destory him and the photos.

Then we'll discuss our arrangement.

NileGirl said...

You don't throw out things like, "I'm a gay badminton playing, cross dressing, belly dancer" and then not include photographs. How about you post it but blur out your face? Or post it and tell everyone it's Munqy?

One way or another we'll have to see these pictures. Don't make me bring Jade back here with her whips and rings and all that weird stuff we're all too innocent to understand.

Feshfesh said...

Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcellent. I guess Jade will have to make me show you guys this pictures.

Jade, the clamps pls?

Jade said...

Hi - this is Jade's Japanese Assistant (Yes, the one with the Long Legs but not the last chinese one)
She says she cant come & do you now... she's still hanging out in Justin's after party... she said "But play along kids - anyway as NG said - you guys wont understand the significance of her presence or appreciate it - when you are all mature enough - maybe when you are 40 with a cane - she'll try again & use the cane too to spice things up"


Feshfesh said...

oh..kinky... I have a cane now? I was practicing my walk?