Friday, December 28, 2007

My Dream Job

I am sure there is more to me than my professional status as a corporate whore. On the other hand, I have consciously voted against leaving my mark on humanity. After all, if I discover cure for AIDS and end world poverty by the time I'm 40, life would be boring afterwards. I have done a lot of soul searching and came to the conclusion that coming out infornt of a live audience (or TV viewers) and making a complete ass of myself is very appealing. I think I have the potential to be a stand-up comic. Even better, I'd have my own late night show, I would be a funnier and more handsome Jon Stewart. I have a lot of respect for folks like Seinfeld or Jon Stewart. It takes a lot of skills and a hell of a personality to do what they do. You just need to see how when small (and mostly unplanned) things happen during their shows, like a certain reaction from the audience and how quickly they adapt and react to it. They are extremely smart, funny and the best thing is that they think on their feet. I really want to attend improv 101*.

But back to my show, I think I'll keep the smart-funny take on world news that Jon Stewart offers but would add a twist of the trademark Seinfeldian sarcastic humor about everything. It would be perfect, I'd watch it and even buy it over iTunes.

*Disclaimer: Intention to attend an improv class qualifies as doing "ONE thing towards my obsession with Improv/Stand-up". I hereby consider resolution #4 (pls reference previous post) completed.


Nora said...

Babe, I think that improv 101 will not help you.
You are either born with it.. or you're not...
If you need a class, than you weren't born with it.
Sorry to crush your dreams and hope for a funny future.. but I .. actually, I am not sorry.


Feshfesh said...

I disagree. I believe any talent is nature + nurture. You can have the gift to compose great music(nature), yet you can become a better composer by studying and learning(nurture). Same for me, I personally believe I have some talent for improv, so I want to ‘learn’ to see if I am truly talented or not.

embee said...

I totally think you have a chance doing comics like those of XKCD.. You'd totally kick ass at it.

And you're being lazy with the "Disclaimer". Intent is not "doing" :P

Feshfesh said...

Thanks! :)
...and yeah the disclaimer was my way of getting a head start of my new year's resolutions :D