Friday, November 16, 2007


I kicked-off my uber 6-month health plan in July with the objective of losing 10 KGs. I am glad to report that with only 6 weeks to go I am @ 80% of my target!

*The crowd cheers..

Settle down, settle down, this by no mean undermines my Feshyness. I am and will always be Big Fesh, I am just slightly lighter now... that's all. Now, I will be opening the floor for some questions. Please note that I will not be answering any questions regarding the following two topics:
A. How much do I weight now or before I lose those 8 KGs.
B. How much are those 8KG's as a % of my weight.

Yes, pls the lady at the back of the room....yes you with The Daily Obese, pls go ahead.


Forsoothsayer said...

may i ask how u lost it? i want to lose 6 kg.

Feshfesh said...

Ah! very good question indeed, I'm sure the readers from The Daily Obese would be interested to hear the answer... so here's why:
1. Good luck: Although I don't look like it. I'm THE BIGGEST SALAD fan in history. The only thing I cook proficiently is Salads. If I ever prepare for you a salad, you know you're IN the circle. That said, right around July this UBER salad place opened near work.
2. Positive influence: A friend of mine at work joins everyday for Salad and goes to the gym too.
3. Discipline: LOADS of water, no coffee, very little alkehole, having breakfast, healthy snacks (fruits), generally healthy meals, going to the gym...etc. I know doesn't sound that innovative, but it actually does work.

Next question pls?

Munqy said...

No coffee? How do you, like, LIVE?!?!?

Feshfesh said...

Mr. Munqy with the International Health Tribune, always with the insightful questions. Well thought I drank a lot of coffee I was never one of those folks who wouldn't be able to start their day without coffee. I LOVED coffee and still do, but for me it's a habit since uni of drinking hot [something] while studying or working on projects. I expected to be wrenched in pain as I stopped coffee, thankfully I wasn't. I was itching though for this [something] to drink every now and then. So I did my research and discovered that out of the hot drinks, Green Tea is probably the least evil. I'm sure in 10 years a research will be out explaining how Green Tea can actually stab you while you are sleeping, but so far it's safe. So I stocked up on Green Tea and I'm proud to say that as early as this year (Feb timing) I drink coffee casually! sometimes I go weeks without a cup!

any more final questions?

Munqy said...

You traded coffee for green tea? GREEN tea? My God man, do you realise what you have done?

NileGirl said...

How does coffee affect weight loss? Or did you just stop drinking it for health reasons?

Feshfesh said...

Munqy, ugh.. don't remind me I feel like half the man I used to be. I'm now like a veggie in a Steak restaurant everytime I'm in Starbucks :S I have to WHISPER my order for God's sake!...ugh... it's a Coffee drinkers' world....OH but it feels SO good now that you're 'out'...aaaaaahhhhhhh.

Feshfesh said...

Oh, Nilegirl with The Obesity Times, good question.

On average we drink less water than we should, and that was especially true in my pre-'health plan' case. Couple that with the fact that Coffee makes your body lose water (I forgot the technical term :S). and you end up with a VERY dehydrated body. The interesting thing is that I read that many times when you actually feel hungry, it's that your body is actually thirsty! So their you have it, dropping Coffee and drinking more water makes you 'feel hungry' less often and therefore you don't eat horrible amounts and types of food and for example a salad for lunch becomes an option.... worked for me!

Jade said...

Erm.... I dont have a question Sir - I just wanted to know if you were free to go for a walk - maybe to talk more about your ongoing success story.

I have some tips on how you can make use of your "New Body"

Feshfesh said...

ah... Jade.. I've been expecting you..

*Fesh pets the white cat on his lap. are too late, I've just signed up my multi-gizzlion zloty modeling contract. Unless off course you didn't mean modeling... in that case, let's take this offline.

Munqy said...

Jade, you have no idea the horrors you have just unleashed, and which are embodied in the person known as "Fesh". Massaging his ego is like dropping a nuke into a supervolcano.

Feshfesh said...

bah.. a nuke is not fulfilling enough... an H-bomb might have been acceptable.... a Supernova preferable.

aaahhhhh my precciooouuussss egggoooo

Jade said...

Oh darling... Ha! You must have been joking when you thought I meant modeling right?

Munqy - but I love giving his ego a good massage.. it's so much fun. Wont you let me carry on?