Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Normalized Fesh

I'm a big fan of debates, a few days back I tune to the Egyptian Satellite Channel (the acronym is ESC, ironic right?) and there was this talk show and they announced they'll be debating Normalization (i.e. eltatbeye3) next. The background on this one is simple, although Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel and therefore we have a political relationship, whether or not we should venture into normalizing other aspects of a mutual relationship like cultural, economic or academic is still a very touchy topic. To say that what followed was the most unprofessional, biased and lowest form of debate I have ever seen in my life is a gross understatement. Here are my very simple expectations going into the debate:
1. It will be professional.
2. Both points of view will be tackled.
3. I will learn something about Normalization with Israel.

First, there was no content as the anchor was picking on a few incidents like showing an Egyptian movie in Israel and just attacking the director of the movie, who was one of the guests. Second, I thought that the director was actually FOR normalization, which would have added some value to the debate. But later I discovered that surprisingly all 3 guests were against Normalization! Third, the anchor was clearly biased and was making sure that everyone agreed that Normalization with Israel is definitely the 8th original sin. Finally, the dumbass anchor, ended the debate with this line: Normalization should go to hell!

After 60 seconds of staring blankly at the screen I realized that this is it! I always wondered how it would feel to be mentally violated, over and over and over. That must be it.

I walked away not understanding WHY we shouldn't normalize, apart from the sheer emotional hate of the Zionist Zombies? How do we expect to progress and solve any of the outstanding fundamental points of difference we have with Israel without REACHING OUT and COMMUNICATING? All of this emotionally-charged 'No for Normalization' reminded me when in the early days of Israel, the Arab Leaders were in cease-fire talks with their Israeli counterparts and the Arab leaders refused to acknowledge or even talk directly to the Israelis! Did we learn anything from Sadat? On his own initiative he flew to Israel to resolve the issues and seal a peace treaty that returned to Egypt every single inch of its land. What ended the Cold War? Was it a policy of complete and utter isolation towards USSR or was it continuous dialog?

But screw all of that, your typical Arab will always hate the 'Satan-backed State of Israel' and unless they:
1. Returned Jerusalem to Palestine.
2. Returned the Golan Heights to Syria.
3. Allowed Palestinians abroad to come back to Palestine.
5. Stopped all acts of violence against Palestinians and Arabs.
6. Released all prisoners, Palestinian and Arab.
7. Erased the State of Israel from the map (this one is becoming a bit optional now, but highly preferable).

We will not normalize with them evil baby-eating Jews. I think this makes perfect sense, let's wait on that to happen.


Munqy said...

You are obviously an evil Zionist-loving traitor. When next we meet, you shall be tortured with falafel.

Jade said...

Boy did you open up the doors of hell on yourself...
Am just gonna sit back & enjoy...

Feshfesh said...

Nooooooooooooooooooo! not the falafel... PLS!! HAVE MERCY!

*Fesh looks to Jade

Little help?!

Jade said...

Na! Let them feed off your blood showaya first then I'll tell you what I think about this whole noramlization thing...

I am not sure what your readers are about - if they are hardcore Arabs - you're in for a nice Ass whooping!

*Help will only come in the form of making your wawa better

Feshfesh said...

Nah I think my fans (read: 3 ) are not that hardcore. Apart from Munqy, that bastard ran AlQaeda's Haram Safe House for years.But I know his soft spot, I have just sent a container of Haribo jellies his way... that will keep him busy for a while. And if we're lucky he'll OD on that shit and we'll rid the world of his tyranny.

Munqy said...

:O Haribos? The sour ones? You bitch, I can't believe you would stoop that low.

Feshfesh said...

Maybe I just did. I assume no falafel-induced death for me?

Nilegirl said...

Smart post! The comments thereafter not so much though. :P

Here's my two cents:
Part of the problem is communication, like you said. They refuse to even begin communication until they're guaranteed to get what they want. I see this as very typical arab, male behavior. When they think they are right they won't open up until they see the other side give in and admit their mistakes. Reminds me a lot of my last relationship. It's part ego, part dimagh nasha wi ifl and maybe throw in a dash of pure anger that has festered (with good reason though).

I have to share something I read in an article recently. Aparently the Saudi foreign minister refused to have any public handshakes with Israeli officials at a recent meeting like a week ago.

Isn't that demeaning? Talk about starting off on the wrong foot. And why? What do they gain by belittling each other? Is it to show a lack of respect? Does it make the Saudis appear to have bigger balls? It's pure ego or karama. Karama is a big big thing for Arabs.

This sort of topic could go on forever. I hope lots of ppl comment.

Munqy said...

*sigh* fine let's be serious.

As well as Nilegirl's post, I think a lot of it has to do with the black/white view of the world that most Arabs (if such a word denoting unity can be used) have. You are either with us or against us, friend or foe, and that's it. The level of grey that an honest dialogue and compromise requires is simply not present.

Also, I blame a lot of this on the governments themselves. The best way to unify a country or gain support for a government is to give the population an external threat to concentrate on. Israel has been the crutch on which corrupt Middle Eastern governments have supported themselves for so long that it is almost certain political suicide for anyone to come out and propose peace.

This propaganda-nurtured hate has been festering for so long that it has filtered down into everything, from paranoid conspiracy theories that bad fruit are the results of Israeli tampering to calls to boycott any product or businessman with even the weakest link to Israel or Judaism.

Mix those two factors together and add in the traditional Arab love of manzara and over-the-top posturing, is it any surprise that the current generation in charge completely rejects any peace proposal with Israel?

Feshfesh said...

But the thing is, it’s a vicious circle, yesterday I was watching Saeb Erekat on Late Edition and he was explaining that Israel did none of ITS obligations from the road map, like stop settlements in West Bank, stop the wall ...etc.

And you know what’s the scary bit? It seems that the Israeli mainstream is being equally polarized by their government. Yesterday I watched 4 average Israeli citizens come to this 'have your say' BBC program, where they set-up a cam in Tel Aviv and another in the West bank and had average Israelis and Palestinians debate. You know the two common points all 4 said? They all stressed:

1. Israel needs a 'real' partner for peace, which is not the case now.
2. Palestinians need root out all terrorist organizations BEFORE you can have peace.

Maybe Arafat was not the best ‘partner for peace’ but isn’t Abu Mazen a much more moderate leader? How can a crippled not-even-a-state bring down some serious terrorist organizations? US, UK and many other countries have been trying FOR YEARS in Afghanistan, doesn’t that explain how hard it is? Morons.

NileGirl said...

You watch a lot of intellectual programs ya fesh. How do you do that and STILL have time to watch the simpsons?

"This propaganda-nurtured hate has been festering for so long that it has filtered down into everything"

I agree with this 100%. Plus, there's just too much hatred and anger that they can't move on because to move on means to compromise. But when you're angry and hurt you will never compromise and you will keep dwelling on the past and when you dwell on the past you will never move forward.

The impossible must happen which is to wipe history's slate clean and never look back. Stop looking for blame and pointing fingers and just look to the future. This is of course impossible because the scars and anger have disseminated far too widely so there will always be SOMEONE (or group) that will be against it and cause violence.

Feshfesh said...

Nilegirl, you always undermine the amount of spare time I have :D

But yeah I guess that is true... Jade, we're ready for your wise words now :)

NileGirl said...

Is that my cue to shut up? :P

Feshfesh said...

Oh no, no no... wait.. yeah I guess I was implying this :D

Jade said...

Yallah ta3alah 3andy ya Mozza...
I couldnt write all that 3andak.

Feshfesh said...

si papi,
Continued here

NileGirl said...


Feshfesh said...

This is a clear violation of Blogger Code of Ethics, article # 194089234. The comment chain now has to be continued @ Jade's post.

Such a n00b mistake...

*Fesh mocks nileGirl.

NileGirl said...

whatever trevor!

*nilegirl sticks her tongue out at Fesh*

Feshfesh said...

What the hell man?! what was that for?! I don't make the rules.