Wednesday, January 17, 2007

MORE Hair! (think DHL's MORE Power campaign)

Yes it's official, I am growing MORE hair WOHO! Yes! I have been growing my hair for the last year and I was contemplating reducing the number of hairs. What I did is that I commissioned 2 of the voices in my head to conduct a study on the best strategy. The Hair Study Group came back with a long list of recommendations, however, I decided to stay the course and I recommended a surge of 20,000 more hairs to be grown immediately in my head under the commitment from myself that by November 2007 I'll be controlling most of my head.

As soon as this was announced, I welcomed the announcement and issued a statement clearly expressing my strong interest and commitment to the continual growth of my hair. That off course does NOT guarantee that I'll be growing my hair because I can decide to squeeze the budget I allocated for my Hair Gel and thus effectively cancelling my initial plans of growing more hair. I'm very complex.

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