Monday, January 22, 2007

Exemptophobia II - The Syrian Nod

Editorial note: After the success of "Exemptophobia I", a big-budget sequel was quickly produced by the evil movie studios. The sequel, which was highly anticipated, explores some of the details that have been omitted from the original movie. Enjoy: Exemptophobia II - The Syrian Nod

*flash-back to a scene from Exemptophobia I:
I was very excited As I marched into the immigration booths of Syria's Aleppo airport at 2 am on a sticky summer night.....

*the camera, instead of continuing to follow Fesh as in the first part, suddenly turns to revel aku (pronounced a-ko) walking casually next to Fesh!

....yes.. I was not alone during my dreaded Syria experience. I tried to forget that aku was there with me and he saw everything. In Syria we -without our passports- accidentally stumbled upon the ancient art of Syrian Nodding. Make no mistake, for this ancient art is deadly. Many have tried to learn it, a handful passed the test and only ONE is still alive. We do not know his real name, we only know him as: The Jordanian Embassy in Damascus Guard Nodding Jedi Master (thereafter referred to :/ ).

We encountered :/ in front of the Jordanian Embassy in Damascus. We wanted to get in, however :/ didn't honour our request with an answer, instead :/ nodded. Confused, we went ahead to ask another question. Again :/ nodded. Frustrated, we tried to bypass :/ and enter the embassy. This time, :/ nodded.

Although :/ never spoke to us, we understood very well what :/ wanted to tell us.

We left the embassy that day without many answers, but with a firm belief that our brief encounter with the Syrian Nodding Jedi Master has changed our fate for years to come.



Ashraf said...

:/ :/
(true, true my friend)

Homer said...

:/ :/

Anonymous said...

You mean "Nod"

Homer said...

ooohhhh... very true. Good catch my friend. Updating.