Saturday, April 14, 2007

Standards Please

I like things that are standard. Take the Internet for example, everyone using it from Japan to California is following more or less the same set of standards and therefore it's so easy and hassle-free. Why can't the world around us be more like the Internet, for example:

1. Can we pick either the meters/grams/Celsius or feet/pounds/Fahrenheit and stick to it?

2. Can we get working on all of those promised single currencies? 1 or 2 currencies in Asia, 1 in Europe, 2 in the Americas and 2 or 3 in Middle East and Africa? Instead of the mind-blowing 160+ different currencies currently in circulation?

3. Why do the international documents (Passport/ID and Driving license) come in all shapes, sizes and languages? Can we please make them all look the same, with the same fields everywhere?

4. What's with the Western/Eastern/Chinese/Islamic and Hindu calendars? I understand and respect that each culture might want to keep their own calendar for cultural/religious reasons, but can we please pick A calendar and make it THE calendar?

5. Can we please, please, agree if it is Day-Month or Month-Day?


Munqy said...

Personally, I blame it all on the Americans...

Homer said...

Shouldn't we blame it on the "Rouge" states?

Munqy said...

Oh you mean the states that wear lipstick? Yes I blame it all on them, bunch of pinko, hippie, commie loving, rouge-wearing scum.

Homer said...

In a second thought, you'v done the world a favour by maintaining an empty blog.