Sunday, April 15, 2007

Global Koolness

Here's my dilemma to you, had Global Warming been Global Cooling, would we have been more proactive towards it?

I came across this opinion while reading about Global Warming (my favorite topic, second only to History) whereby the author argues that we, as a species, are programmed to be less tolerant of lower temperatures than we are of higher temperatures. He drives this conclusion from the fact that as a species we evolved (yes I'm a fanatic Evolutionist, all you Creationists get out of my blog now) to witness several Ice Ages, not only to witness but to hate them too. According to one study, once Ice Age threw Humans to the brink of extinction when the extreme weather conditions reduced us to less than 2000 humans globally! So, this extreme experience is somehow imprinted in our genes to always think: Cold bad, Warm good.

Try it for yourself, what comes to mind when you think of the equatorial/tropical weather? Hot, moist, rain and/or forests. Compare this to what comes to mind when you think of Polar weather? Ice, Santa, snow, Santa, freezing water, Santa and penguins?

So in a way, we are much kooler about Global Warming than we would have been about Global Cooling, if that makes any sense.

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