Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Battle Plans: The Siamese Surge

Ellcian, young and foolish as he is, thought his insult to me will go unpunished. I gathered my generals and ordered them to put in place a full plan to crush his armies. As soon as this plan was ready, I marched my troops and The Battle began.

The Ellcian army controlled all of Australia and most of Asia and my plan was the oldest one in the book: Divide and Conquer. The Divide part was completed as I conquered Siam, thus splitting the Ellcian army into two pockets: the northern army, stationed in Siberia and the southern army, stationed in Australia. I was happy with my progress so far, so I ordered my armies to rest while I planned my next move. As I thought, I saw the Munqian empire expand rapidly mostly on my expense. Seeing this, I decided that in my next campaign I must crush Ellcian and thus put an end to this war.

My reinforcements arrived in Siam and I was ready for my final push. The dilemma was how to split my reinforcements between both the northern and southern armies in order to ensure success on both fronts. I knew that the southern army had a tough mission due to the isolated nature of Australia. I also knew that I had to eliminate the southern Ellcian army in one blow or else Ellcian is going to land some reinforcements by sea and threaten my whole empire. I placed my bet on the southern army and decided to outnumber the southern Ellcian army 2:1 and ordered the rest of my reinforcements to join my northern army stationed in Central Asia.

My southern army was moving at great speed and the push for Australia was on track, my forces flowed into Indonesia and New Guinea with no significant resistant. The landing on Australia however proved to be problematic. Wave after wave of my endless Red Army hit the northern Australian shore with no apparent progress. 3 days passed and finally we manged to secure a beachhead and went ahead to hold Western Australia. What I feared most has actually happened, the Ellcian army had a foothold in Eastern Australia and it was only a mater of time before reinforcements will arrive. My armies couldn't go ahead seeing the significant casualties already suffered to secure Western Australia. Needles to say, I was furious and in the midst of my fury I mobilized my northern army against Ellcian's other strong hold in Siberia. Again I faced the same fierce resistance my southern army suffered from. After several maneuvers I knew that the Ellcian army will survive this campaign. I ordered my armies to surround the remaining Ellcian army and brace for the eminent Munqian offensive.

By end of this battle, I would earn my title: The Great Feshfeshian


Munqy said...

Damn you to hell!!! And damn all the red armies to hell as well!!!


Homer said...

Dude, look at it that way, by the end of the war we SHARED the world!

Off course MY share was BIGGER .. but that's a technicallity.