Sunday, April 08, 2007

Si Papi

Two months ago, I was visiting my imaginary friend aku in Manchester. I was enjoying my time till this dreaded Saturday night when we set out for the hottest club in town: PoNaNa. We enjoyed our time, had one too many drinks and we were good to go home. We reached the bus station and found the bus, surprisingly, quite busy at 3 am.

The good thing is that we found some empty seats and everyone sat down except moi. I found this dude sitting alone on a bench and I was like, someone sitting here? He gave me this disgusted look and was like: yeah, me. So I tried politely to convince him that it's a 2-person bench, however my poor logic didn't make sense to him. SO, I decided to stand while he enjoys the extra room. Yes I am a sissy, but wait it gets better.

Just 5 mins later, the dude makes the fatal mistake and decides that I should sit next to my friends instead of standing. Yes, you heard me right, he was like: Don't stand over me, sit next to your mates. Now, you need to understand the dynamics of the situation:
1. There is no empty seats next to my friends. So he's basically asking me to squeeze next to them.
2. There is a free seat next to the dude, but he refuses that I sit there.
3. I'm drunk
4. He's drunk
5. He just "ordered" me to sit down.
6. I am furious.
7. He's looking for a fight.

So I gather all my courage and .... I squeeze next to my friends. And that is the story of how I came so close to telling a complete stranger: Si Papi.

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