Monday, April 02, 2007

My Bug

I enjoyed my first car during university, the funny thing is that after university when I decided to buy my second car, I wasn't looking for the usual options (Engine capacity, A/C, power steering ..etc) but rather the basic ones like:

1. Has side mirrors, so you don't crash into a car coming at 60 Km/hr while you're coming out of a parking spot.
1. Has fuel gage in the dashboard, so you don't need to pop the hood, get out the 40 cm steel rod and insert it in the fuel tank to know how much fuel you have in the car (think how you measure you're engine's oil, it's the same).

As I was leaving for Warsaw I sold my fuel-gauge-dashboard-equipped car, and as I'm back now in elCairo on vacation I'm enjoying my fuel gaugeless, side mirrorless 1956 VW bug! :)


Anonymous said...

LLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL, Awesome post dude. Made my day :))

Homer said...

Hehehehe, glad you liked it!

Anti-Blogger said...
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Anti-Blogger said...

Dude, Do you still have that old piece of natzi junk?:)

Homer said...

First I guess you meant Nazi, it doesn't have a 't' in there, we all wish it had .. but tough luck it doesn't.

Second, yeah I do, My uberBug.

Anti-Blogger said...

Man, you just shattered my reality. There is no 'T'?? You just cant trust your ears anymore it seems :)

Dont get me wrong, the bug did serve us all diligently, shuttling us from college and back. I just think the bug has to honorably retire or be put to eternal sleep :)