Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fesh 'n Chips

Over the years I have had many enemies. aku however is my archnemesis, he dwells in his den of evil in Manchester (a.k.a Mancuria) plotting his evil plans against me. Over the years he has built his empire: The wZt empire out of his headquarters in Mancuria. Great as it is the wZt empire, it is nothing compared to the empire I have built back at the Frozen Wastelands: The eZt empire. Over the years I managed to contain the influence of the wZt empire and keep it off the continent. But recently the tides have turned and wZt empire seemed to be growing stronger and stronger, taking advantage of the internal power struggle (between me and the voice in my head) that has torn the eZt empire.

For long I have sat there and did nothing, but those days are over. Today @ 10.05 CET I landed in Mancuria to put an end to this. I am on a 5-day vacation here in the wZt empire where I shall be consuming inhumane amounts of al-ke-hole and I'd be sighted in various clubs bouncing like a cheap ho. If you are in Mancuria, you have to see this.


Ashraf said...

Bouncing like a cheap ho in mancuria will be the last thing you do you cheap mancurian ho!

soon my diabolic plan to overtake the eZtern empire will complete... your fat ho cheap bouncing body will be a welcome rug in the mancurian port of liverpool!


(red absenti?)

Munqy said...

Aaaaaaand, our very own brand of Gmail comes to the blogosphere.

Feshfesh said...

Do you thing the blogosphere is ready for such mayhem? It might be too soon...