Monday, October 08, 2007

*EFPoC(tm) Moments

*EFPoC(tm) moments are all around us. We live thru them everyday, you just don't realize it. Think about the moments when you felt the whole world is conspiring to help your cunningly evil plan. This is usually when you imagine yourself laughing a hysteric, diabolic, loud laugh, in your secluded castle, thunder in the background and all. Off course, if you have your own secluded castle already where you regularly do that, then WOW, you're beyond help! But for the rest of us, who only imagine this, *EFPoC(tm) is the way to go. For fellow Simpsonians out there, simply said this is a classic Mr. Burns ' Exxxxxxxxcellent' moment. See life is a lot easier if you relate it to Simpsons, after all, whatever it is, the Simspons already did it.

So, here's two of my favorite *EFPoC(tm) moments:
  • Boyfriend of Hot-girl-who-works-with-you-and-you-have-a-massive-crush-on dumps her. Now the coast is clear for you, she's weak and vulnerable. *EFPoC(tm).
  • Your potential customers, whom you have been begging for the last year to consider using your service of a secure hosting facility for their sensitive data, just got hacked. Now they'll come crawling to you. *EFPoC(tm).
*EFPoC(tm) off course being: Evil Finger Pyramid of Contemplation. The (tm) is for FeshFesh Inc.

So tell me, what are your *EFPoC(tm) moments?


NileGirl said...

Yay! The Simpsons are back at The Fesh...

Ooh! I have a EFPoC(tm), possibly. It's the only one I could think of. My bitchy as hell boss needed a good ass whooping. For her birthday I volunteered to pick up her b-day cake for the all staff celebration so that I can have the baker mis-spell her name. Her name is Heidi but her cake said "Happy Birthday Hidi". Everyone else was in on it too so we were all cracking up when she read it out loud. MOUAHAHAHA

Was that Simpsons enough for you?Ok. Not as powerful as a vulnerable chick or bruised clients but it's all I've got. I'm not as evil minded as you Fesh.

Feshfesh said...

yeah, yeah it's good.................for a girl! Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, sorry man had to take the shot! :D

No, no, kidding, it's actually very nice... I like the evilness of of the Birthday-cake situation... actually reminds me of another *EFPoC(tm) moment of mine that involved a cake and a mild allergic reaction ooohh good days! :D

Jade said...

Out of stash & friend too lazy to go out & meet up for a smoke. Mother finds rolling paper in friend's pocket, just in time for him to notice & hide the stash in a safe place until I come & have it tossed to me from the window since sooner or later - mom's radars will discover. Car ride - just in time - position myself in the perfect spot & shout out:

"Fucker if you had decided to go out with me in the first place & help me in a time of need - I wouldnt have been standing here taking all your shit while your mom is sniffing at you like a hound dog ready to strike"

Followed by the evil laugh, arms raised to the sky in victory & a couple of phone calls to other friends that can entertain me just as well as my grounded friend could have.


Feshfesh said...

nice! that's...

*Fesh gives a disapproving look to Nilegirl.

...a proper *EFPoC(tm) Moment. Jade, RESPECT. So, how did your friend get back at you?? :)

Jade said...

LOL. Didnt & couldnt - everytime he is reminded, he can only bow his head down in shame.

Feshfesh said... I like the evilness keep it up!