Thursday, October 11, 2007

it begins...

So I survived the last winter in the Northward Frozen Wastelands, worst I've witnessed was -16C and I must say it wasn't that bad. Few weeks ago a friend tells me that last winter (yes the one with the -16C) was on of the warmest winters in last 200 years. So statistically, this winter is bound to be worse than last one, now that's a spirit booster? ughhhh... BRING IT ON BIATCH!!!!

*You have to imagine me as this crazy Vietnam War solider who lost his legs (and mind) in Forest Gump and he was battling with the storm on the shrimp fishing boat.


x said...

He was talking to God..

Feshfesh said...

Nice! Yeah, that level of crazy is close to my state of mind!

embee said...

Mann! I got a nasty cold as soon as the lows dropped to 20C's here. Kudos to you for making it in freeze-your-ass land !

Feshfesh said...

You bastards with your lows in the 20C! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ... lows here have been between 7C and 3C for the last 2-3 weeks :S

Frozen Wastelands' Hot Chick :P said...

Dude,LOWS in 20C?? Oo hate it !

by the way:
damn, you DO have fantasy (forrest gump thing) :D:D:D respect man :D:D


Feshfesh said...

Man, if you hate lows in 20s, what would you do in highs of late 40s? :D

And Dzenki, Dzenki :D Man, Manchester on the 31st don't forget! I'll be in London on Saturday 3rd only for a couple of hours, going to watch Lord of the Rings and head back to Manchester, YES I AM SUCH A GEEK.

kama said...

call me weird, but i love london's the rain, especially if i can walk in the rain Oo

how long r u gonna stay in manchester? As i told ya, i'll try to work it out somehow...i start work at 1st of Nov, so no alcohol please.


will try, i promise. :)

and yes, u r such a geek. but WHY, oh WHY i am not suprised at all?

Feshfesh said...

hehehehehehe Well I arrive on Manchester on the 30th, big-ass Halloween partAy on 31st and then recover on 1st and 2nd :D Then head to London on 3rd. As I said, I'll return same day back to Manchester and leave back to Warsaw on Sunday 4th.