Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bounce Fesh, Bounce Bounce

It's easy to taunt me, I mean with my nerdiness, pervyiness or my unfantabulous physique it shouldn't be a problem. But that on the side, my dancing skelz have been (and still are) an easy topic for taunting me. It's either that I'm THAT bad or simply my dancing is so ultimate, so uber that basically folks are intimated by it and they choose to mock or else it will control them. I like to think it's the latter, helps me sleep at night.

I don't think my dancing routine fits with any of the universally accepted definitions of dancing. I do little movements, keep my hands in my pockets and I occasionally nod while I sip my Żubrówka with apple. But don't get me wrong, I'm not that boring. Given the right level (read: 1.5 gallons) of alcohol in my blood and just the right hip-hop song and BAM! The Fesh bounces. During the few times I've been sighted bouncing, I couldn't help but wonder how I would look to the casual onlooker? With all the bad bouncing, the awkward moves, the jittery-hand movements and not to mention my massive behind; I must look like a cheep ho bouncing in a cheap New York club on New Year's Eve, 1999. Don't ask how I know this.


Jade said...

Oh dont you worry Fesh...
If I ever catch you bouncing - I'll hop in right in front of you & jiggle it & get down with it!

No matter how much of an embarassment you are - with the right amount of [insert substance abused here] I'm sure I will still find you cute - just as I imagined in my head....


Feshfesh said...

*Fesh blushes...
You have no idea how badly I bounce, I mean unless it's some seriously heavy shit you're on, then we might have a deal :D

But hey I appreciate the thought, thanks! :)

ZeRoCoOl said...


rhythm is our middle name??? our daughters come out belly dancing out of their mothers least I thought so until I saw the horribly choreographed music videos that would make David Parsons and Mark Morris cringe....

here's a tip: hip-hop is syncopated so any movement you make on the 2 will keep you in time with e song. NO SUDDEN EPILEPTIC MOVES.....but nice and slow and stick to the beat and WE'LL call you JUSTIN OR USHER

cheers. (wish I could post again about dancing as it's a HUGE passion of mine)

Feshfesh said...

I can do 'the robot dance', does help in ANYWAY?

ZeRoCoOl said...

I still feel there's hope!!!!!

Feshfesh said...

damn... hope with the robot dance?! Maybe I'm not THAT bad :D

NileGirl said...

Fesh, I'm worried about you. Do you stand any chance with the Polish mamasitas? But don't worry too much, you could always use comedy to impress chicks on the dance floor. If the bounce scares 'em off then make them laugh and they just might stick around.

Feshfesh said...

Nilegirl.... not helping my bruised ego.

Forsoothsayer said...

haven't i seen this? i wasn't scarred.

Feshfesh said...

I think you were under the influence. Which is good in this case.

kama said...

With all due respect, Your Feshiness...

you might have a bruised ego, as you said.
you might be 'special' (:P).
you might not be dancing like justin (even better that you're not).

BUT (rember my words all u will know how big my anger could be):
the msot important thing is to
HAVE FUN, dude.
and smile, boy. :)

remeber how i was laughing at u at club in warsaw?
YES, i did. not at u but TO YOU, cuz u seemed to be as special as i was- not giving a damn about the world, have fun, relax and be YOURSELF.
so, dude, i admit it:
i like the way you move!
*turns on Outcast song hoping i will not be regreting saying that*

so,appreciate what i'm saying, cuz every time i say compliments i feel awkward.

and please delete the post after reading it :P

and it is all cuz i cant dance as well :D

Feshfesh said...

You know, a lot of folks won't accept such 'sympathy' posts, as for me, I'll take all what I can get :D

Thanks dudette... and could you take it easy on the 'special' piece? I feel I am disabled already?!

kama said...

like i told ya: it was the first and the last nice thing ur gonna hear.:> it is a male who should tell compliments, not the female. females are for cooking and seducing. ;)

but a SPECIAL kind of being SPECIAL.
thought ur gonna appreciate it.

and once again my good heart got broken by a cold egipcian Belly-Dancer-At-High-School-But-Will-Not-Show-U-The-Photos
shame on u fesh.

Feshfesh said...

*ahm* That was Belly-Dancer-In-FULL-Costumer-At-UNIVERSITY-But-Will-NEVER-Show-You-The-Pictures :D