Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Name

So I have my "special deal" comedy club tickets, right? It's the same night I got booed, in case you're a die hard fan. Turns out those tickets basically make you sit in the first row, or as it later became known to me: The you'll-definitely-be-picked-on-doesn't-mater-how-hard-you-try row.

It all happened so quickly, suddenly the guy started to ask all the people siting in the first row about their names and what they do. He then picked out something and made fun of them. So here I'm sitting there waiting for my turn to be picked on, my mind racing on how not to give him any leads to pick on. This turned out to be harder than I expected:
1. I'm Big (shut up)
2. I'm Arab (...*ahm*....and proud of it?)

So I'm thinking: do I really want to tell him my full first name and add a 3rd reason for him to pick on me? .... too little time, he's approaching .. I panic... and I hear:

What's your name?
*I'm sweating..
ahh... Al...

... So he ignores the fact that I'm big (maybe it's not that noticeable :D) or that I'm Arab (who am I kidding :S) and he exactly knew what I was doing with my name .... damn those telepathic stand up comics, he went on and on on how I was giving a short name because I am thinking if I give my full name, no one will understand anything and the whole club was laughing at me.

You might have won this battle Random Stand Up Comic Guy, but your time will come.


Munqy said...

Why do you keep doing these things to yourself? I would have thought that you'd learnt your lesson from the last time.

Feshfesh said...

IT'S THE SAME TIME! I just have what them doctors call: DBS (Delayed Blogging Syndrome) so this happened like 2 months ago :S

I just had it my drafts for such a long time.

Mohamed said...

Wow, so not only did you get booed for a bad joke, you were actually mocked by the comedian as well?

Oh the humiliation...

Feshfesh said...

HEY! it's not a bad joke, it's just different....

Screw you guys, I'm GOING home.