Friday, June 08, 2007

The Missed Call MoU

I think we all have the right to not pick-up our mobile phones whenever we want to and regardless of whomever is calling. This right however is largely neglected, so I propose a Missed Call MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to be put in place immediately. This can be distributed with new mobile phones if necessary:

The Missed Call MoU
The party that is making the call shall be hereafter referred to as Silencee, The party that is avoiding the call shall be hereafter referred to as the Silencer.

Article I: The Silencer has the right to silence any calls without the prior written or oral consent of the Silencee.
Article II: In the likely event of a silencing, the Silencee is encouraged to accept this gracefully and is instructed to hate the game, but not the player.
Article III: If the Silencee has some urgent information that he needs to pass to the Silencer, instead of continuing to mindlessly call back, the Silencee is instructed to text the Silencer with the information.
Article IV: As a Silencer if you receive urgent information from the Silencee via a text message, it is acceptable that you call the Silencee immediately after receiving the text.
Article V: As a common code of curtsy the Silencee is not supposed to make an reference to the Silencing. Only the Silencer is allowed to bring it up and use a lame excuse of why he couldn't answer, such lame excuses as "I didn't hear the phone" or "I was asleep" are recommended.

1. The Silencer
2. The Silencee


NileGirl said...

This is funny! Sign me up. And I'm extremely tempted to print it out and make everyone I know sign it immediately or else their calling me rights shall be revoked.

Homer said...

hehehehehe.. so I'm guessing you're an ADVANCED Silencer?