Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Fesh: Defeated

You attend that many corporate trainings and this introduction piece (name, current assignment, hometown, expectations and one unique thing) becomes fairly easy. I have developed my standard answers for those and for the unique thing I usually say:

My passion is traveling...*pause for dramatic purposes* far I have visited 36 countries out of my personal target of visiting a 100.

It has always worked for me, usually I get some interesting comments... until today. The trainer, a dude in his early 50ies, looked at me and said: How many countries?

I smiled and said in a confident tone:

He replied in a cold tone:

.....I have been defeated in my own game.
*Fesh dies.


Me said...

He is in his 50s, you are not 30 yet.. you did it in like what? 5 years? I believe you win.. BIG TIME.
Resurrect from the dead, my friend...

Feshfesh said...



I like your logic :D