Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Max Weight: 1000 KG

What's with the obnoxious "Maximum Weight" signs that are in every elevator? And why do they always mention the maximum KGs and then translate this to how many persons? Isn't this in a way the elevator telling me that to be counted as one person here you need to have an average weight of 76.9KG!

And why do we need the maximum number of persons on the sign? Did you ever see 2 people walk into an elevator that usually fits 8 people and the elevator's overweight buzzer went on? Doesn't the buzzer always go on as soon as one last person squeezes into the elevator? So maybe, just maybe that weight and volume are linked somehow? I know it's a crazy idea, but hear me out: if an elevator is designed to take the WEIGHT of 8 people then by the laws of Physics it's more likely to have enough VOLUME for 8 people, right? Because even if you have people who are taking more than their share of weight, they are doing the same to the volume!

That said, I hereby demand that all the evil elevator corporations increase their weight / volume ratio and therefore remove the offensive Max Weight signs from all elevators. Let's however keep the overweight buzzer, it can come in handy if you are transporting your Gold bars in the elevator.

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