Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The acp Gene

Recently I found myself in a couple of corporate trainings. I was happy to mingle with other fellow Homo Corpratuses(Man The Corporate Offices Dweller) and it was also a constant reminder of how we are different.

One behavior in particular, I attribute it to the acp gene (which I discovered and it ONLY exists in Homo Corpratus DNA), is very interesting. I have noticed that since we Homo Corpratus are working daily in an organized and disciplined way, this basically impacts us and how we behave with fellow Homo Corpratuses even if we don't know them before hand.

Take for example this, for 2 days we took our lunch in the same restaurant in the hotel we were having the training in. On the third day we break for lunch and our instructors tell us lunch is at the same restaurant. We start leaving the room, in an organized line, and basically the people in the front of the line decide to walk to the other meeting room (for an unknown weird reason) and basically I find that the next 20 people are following them to the room. The next scene is the funny one, I stood back and watched as they reached the door of the meeting room, stood there and then realized basically that they were simply following the line instead of heading back to the restaurant!

Another impact of the acp gene is that we are sub-consciously figuring out the rules and sticking to them. For example, by the end of another training we were filling out the evaluation sheets, the instructors asked us to put the sheet on the table after we're done. I was sitting next to the table and the first few people placed the evaluation sheets face up, one person tried to place it face up, but the paper fell face down. All the following 30 something evaluations were put face down. The amazing thing is that no one intentionally looked at the stack of papers, you could see people approaching, not looking at the papers, then dropping it face down and leaving. The acp gene strikes again!

Oh I almost forgot, acp stands for Ant Colony Protein gene

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