Monday, March 05, 2007

My bouncer-complex

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate bouncers in general. It's just that some of them get on my nerves. It's the ones who would basically [not] select me to go into the club. What bothers me is not the fact that I was [not] selected, it's rather the stuff bouncers make up when they are basically telling you to beat it. My favorite two are:

1. "It's very busy we're not letting more people in"
HELLO? It's a CLUB .. on a SATURDAY night? It's expected to be busy? Last I checked the busier the better? Isn't this like trying to get into a Restaurant and someone telling you: Hey buddy, tonight the food is so delicious, so we aren't allowing people to come in?!

2. "Tonight is members only"
RIIIIIIGHT, and what about those 5 random half-drunk girls that showed up 10 mins ago, stood in the line and got in?! Oh, they were members, off course!

See, not only are you humiliated for not getting to get into the club, you basically feel dumb because of the stupid reasons they give you. What would happen if they just said:

1. Oh my God you look like a rapist.
2. hahahahah, seriously dude?

Now THOSE ...... I can relate too, see I'm a reasonable man.

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