Sunday, March 25, 2007

300 Spartans and 1 Fesh

All blood and flying heads/arms/legs aside, 300 is a really good movie. It tells the epic story of how 300 soldiers form Sparta withstood the incoming Persian army although they were outnumbered 500:1 or 1500:1 (depending on estimates of how big the Persian army was).

Without spoiling for you the movie, there is this scene where the Persian Emperor (Xerxes I) tells the Spartan King (Leonidas I) that Sparta will be spared if he were to command his soldiers to surrender now and lay down their weapons. To this Leonidas replies: Come and Take Them! Which off course is a perfect reply by a brave king to an evil invading emperor in a Hollywood movie, but turns out that historically-speaking the Spartan king did actually say this to the Persian Emperor! More interesting is that the "Come and Take Them" statement lives till this day as the motto of the Greek First Army Corps! In Greek it is: Mol┼Źn labe!


Munqy said...

Apparently, the comment "Then we shall fight in the shade!" is also based on supposedly true comments.
Yet another piece of useless trivia provided to you compliments of the WikiFairy (

Beco (Fesh's owner) said...

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