Monday, March 19, 2007

One Year of Solitude

Yeah! It's been a year since I moved to Warsaw and started living on my own!
*Technically, I arrived in Warsaw on 31st of March and seeing that I am going back to Cairo on 28th of March (for Easter holidays yaaaaaaaaaay!) then it's not really a complete year, but for dramatic reasons we'll consider it a year, okay?
I must admit that it's a very full filling experience. From one side it's boring, as you don't have family living with you, but on the other hand your routine at home differs dramatically. I think I appreciate living alone, at least for now. An interesting side-effect of living alone is that you actually look forward for vacations with your family and you long for your noisy nieces! :)

More interestingly, as mentioned above, I'm off to elCairo next week! WOHO! ze mothership is calling me again and I must answer the call! very excited!

Oh yeah and if you think this post's title is plagiarized from Marquez's 100 Years of Solitude.....

you got me :D

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