Monday, July 27, 2009

The Golden Rule

I am starting to see so many kids wearing horrible things. Which parent in their right state of mind wakes up in the morning and thinks: Yes! Today my kid should wear a sailor dress, ou, and a hat! Yes, a hat would go perfectly with that! Are those parents constantly stoned?

Here's a radical idea to all parents and would-be parents. Have you heard of the Golden Rule? Or Ethic of Reciprocity as the Wikipedia entry is called? It's simple, before you dress your kids, ask yourself: would I be comfortable wearing this fluffy orange jumpsuit? Now, the answer to that question would tell you a lot about yourself. If you say yes then--sidepoint: wow, you need help--you should consider putting your kid up for adoption. I'm sure your kid's foster parents would molest him many, many times, but at least they wont dress him like that. If the answer is no, then, we're kool for now. But I'm watching you.

Of course some parents take the Golden Rule too literally. This happens when a parent decides it would be 'cute' for him/her and their kid to wear the exact same outfit all the time. If you are one of those stupid parents then let me break it to you, do you think Mini-Me from the Austin Powers movies is 'cute' or creepy? I pray to God that the answer is creepy. I seriously do. But then again, you might have a thing for midgets. Same advice applies here: put your kid up for adoption.

Finally, don't put your two year olds into a denim jumpsuit, ever. Makes them look eerily like Chucky. And I'll level with you, if your denim-jumpsuit-wearing kid makes a sudden move around me, I will axe it.


BaTaBeeT said...

hehehehe when I get kids i'm gonna watch out for these stuff... I don't want them hating me growing up when they see their baby pics :D

when I see how my mom used to dress me and the haircut she gave me... Oh shit :D

Daaaaaaaaamn u made me remember :D

but believe me... kids now have more control over how they look... we can never force my 4 yrs old nephews to wear something... and they can perfectly match everything from shirt to socks.. they even choose their hairstyle... kids are powerful

but i do wanna have a lil gurl whom I can transform into a princess... and give her what I lacked :D

yalla mesh mohem

Feshfesh said...

Oh boy, I am sensing some seriously repressed childhood memories :P