Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Fesh Diet

Why is it that all the good-tasting foods are always bad for your health? It is a pity that the human body was designed to appreciate fresh vegetables, fruits and cereals and not the glorious processed sugars and deep fried anything. We all know that a fatty diet is going to clog your arteries and makes it harder for your heart to do its thing. That is understandable. But why is it that the human body reacts this way to fats and not fruit fibers? Turns out that over thousands of years, the human body evolved based on the basic diet of fruits and vegetables. But processed sugars and deep fried foods are relatively new to our diet (maybe few hundred years old?) and therefore our bodies are not used to consuming them efficiently at those quantities.

So here's a thought. If we stick to our guns and keep eating sugar/fat-rich foods then it's only a matter of time before our bodies adapt to it, right? Sure, humanity will suffer a few millennia of obesity and billions will die out of diabetes and heart attacks, but that's not important. What's important here is that we keep our eyes on the ball. If we consistently eat enough junk for the next few thousands years, our bodies will eventually become efficient at digesting those delicious, delicious foods.

I'm totally getting turned-on by that idea.


BaTaBeeT said...


ur post... I really want an invention that will make us capable of eating creamy, oily, fatty, sweet, deep fried stuff without gaining weight....

I suffer weight watching :D
Maybe we can eat whatever we want and people get adapted to fat chicks :D

Nice Blog !!!

Feshfesh said...

You need to suffer no more! The way I see it, the sooner we all start indulging in fatty foods, the sooner we'll get there! :D

And thanks!