Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grow Up, Will You?

The best thing I like about the personal status (say on Google Talk or Facebook) is that you get the most unexpected comments. One time I had in my status that I was driving on the autobahn and an old friend, who I didn't talk with for months, got in touch and he told me a couple of interesting stories about when he was in Germany. That's why I always try to have my personal status as 'stand-alone' as possible, so that people can read it, understand it and if they choose act on it. Of course we've all occasionally felt a tat philosophical and had our status message as an old Chinese proverb, it's okay.

What I don't understand though are people on my list who consistently have those very abstract comments in their personal messages like "Oh, yes I will." Sure, it's their personal status, so they can knock themselves out, but really, what's the intent? I could think of three:
1. To send a specific someone a message, because some of those messages seem very personal in nature but they are abstract enough for the rest of us not to understand. If people are twisted enough to do this (instead of, say, talk to the person?) then they are sick, seriously.
2. To have people contact them wanting to understand their personal message. This is sad. Luring people to have some interest in your pathetic, pathetic life? Really?
3. To entertain themselves. Hmmm.. need I say more?

I think I should drop those folks off my list. No wait, maybe I should first set my personal message to "I'm removing YOU from my list" and then drop them? Afterwards, I'd change my message to "Ironic, isn't it?" so that I can have my other friends ask me about it and then I get to tell that story to them before they drop me off their lists.

Note: Zeez, if you still read my blog, this post is inspired by your recent personal status! :)


Feshfesh said...

Zeez is chilling on the beach and since he can't figure out how to post a comment via his phone, he dropped me his comment via mail and requested I post it for him.

Yes, I pimp myself for comments, so? Here's his comment:

yes, they piss me off all the time :-) with those abridged sentences that are supposed to make us ask them, and when we do, they say oh no it's just something that everyone will get to know soon. seriously?

and then there are two status updates that really rub me the wrong way ..
1- Zeyad is
2- Zeyad ...

oh really ..? is that so smart, thought provoking, and conversation stimulating or are you just going through a mental drought?

Munqy said...

So you've gone from an anti-FBist, to an FBist activist?


Feshfesh said...

Hmmmm.. well I like to think of myself as more of personal status activist, be it on Facebook or Google Talk or MSN...etc. But what the hell, if it's one thing the Fesh likes it's fighting the system!

Facebookians of the world UNITE!

jessyz said...

I hear you totally!