Friday, August 31, 2007

Sliding Feshs

Have you noticed how we are always trying to catch up with something? Be it just waking up a bit late and trying to catch up with your morning routine: shower, breakfast, news ...etc. Or maybe during work when one call runs over another one. And off course, the dreaded run across Frankfurt's terminal to catch your connection, classic. The thing I don't understand is how this became hardwired into our brains. Just yesterday I left work at 7pm and as I was on the escalator going down to the Underground I heard the sound of the train approaching. At that sound a couple of folks behind me on the escalator started running down to make sure they catch the train.

Now take a step back, this definitely makes sense if were 8am and some of those folks don't want to be late for work. But it was 7pm and from the looks of those folks they all looked to me like respectable fellow corporate slaves who just got off work. I can understand that they want to make sure to spend more time with their family, but considering that the next train comes in 2 mins, do you really need to run and catch it, after some 11 hours of good old corporate whoopeshing?

Maybe it's just me, but you know what every now and then when I'm returning home, I 'miss' a train. It's my way of rewarding myself for all the other catching up I need to do everywhere else. What's the worse that could happen?


Munqy said...

I spent half an hour staring at the title until I finally figured that it was a play on "Sliding Doors".

I still haven't forgiven you for mocking Monty Python's fish slapping dance by the way. I've killed people for less. Once, a guy said that the Dead Parrot sketch was kinda funny, and I sent one ball into orbit and the other into the Mariana trench.

And they were both still attached to his body.

Feshfesh said...

OH.... dude, did I ever tell you that I am THE BIGGEST fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus? (haven't watched it yet, but seeing what you have just shared... I AM going to like it :D)