Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Mars Hoax

I must say I was evilly amused when I started seeing folks on Facebook signing up to all those 'events' that were created to witness the 'once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity' that's going to happen on the 27th of August. The so-called Mars Hoax which started circulating the Internet 4 years ago, about a close encounter between Mars and the Earth. This year it made its way as multiple Facebook events, instead of the usual email forward. Although the close encounter, back in 2003, is true, the hoax exaggerates the encounter by saying that Mars will be as big as the Moon in the sky on the 27th of August. Clearly BS.

What really amused me is the amount of people who are 'attending' these events. One event had around 15,000 attendees! It's amusing right? It's so much easier to accept an invitation and trust the random dude who sent it to you, instead of spending 2 seconds to Google it. After all, this dude is, for sure, more credible then NASA:

The idiocy of the Facebookians amuses me.

*You have to imagine me sitting on a big leather chair, looking at little Facebookians running around clueless like hamsters in a small glass box. I should look like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.*


Munqy said...

Yeah dude, did you see that crap? I actually sent a "not attending this event" JUST so that I could trash the guy and the 18,000+ (yes that's how many it is now) people attending. The guy who created the event deleted my comments. I posted links disproving it. He deleted the links. Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow night, so I can go on and ask them all if they managed to get good pictures of "Mars as big as the Moon". Ignorant bastards.

What I also love is some people using this event to say things like this proves the existance of God, and it's times like this that you feel the majesty of God and all that bollocks.

First off, you shouldn't need anything to prove God, you should believe it and that's enough. Constantine was a really crap film, but there was this one bit that I found important: when Constantine was told that he doesn't believe, he KNOWS and that makes it weaker.

Secondly, God's majesty is around us all the time, not just in events like this. You can be struck just as much by something as simple as a flock of birds flying across the sky, sometimes even more so.

Finally, if your faith is strengthened by an event such as this, does that mean that it would be weakened if it doesn't happen and turns out to be a fake? Some people have even taken the line that "I believe in God and that he can make it happen". Well yes sure He could, but if He doesn't would your belief be shaken? That seems too fickle to be true belief.

So yes, er, big rant. Ahem. Well dang, they deleted this from the thread so I had to put it somewhere...

Feshfesh said...

Too big or a rant man. But I understand your frustration, so I'll let it go, but remember the sole purpose of this post is to mock the LLF's (Lower Life Forms) that believed this hoax. We shouldn't debate with them, obviously there's an evolutionary gap there.

*Fesh deletes Munqy's rant*

Munqy said...

Over 24,000 people are now going to be waiting for this spectacular event. Wow. How stupid can you get?

This really just proves that seven out of every ten people are completely and utterly fucked in the head.

Feshfesh said...

*Fesh pulls a chair next to his for Munqy to sit.

Sit my friend, let's marvel at the immensely stupid average Facebookian. Look, if you tap on the glass they get confused.

*Fesh throws some fish-food into the glass tank...

Munqy said...

*Munqy uses his laser pointer to play on the walls of the fish tank and confuse the peons inside.