Friday, August 15, 2008

elCairo BABY!

My belated bragging post. I'm chilling in elCairo, enjoying the weather, food, spending time with the family, meeting old and new friends. It's ├╝berkwel.

Pls expect the dismal blogging activity to continue till end of August.


EgyDiva said...

i understand, i didnt blog all through July, either.
glad your enjoying C-Town! Its the place to be, yo! (some sentences u feel u must end with a 'yo'..especially if you start with C-town!)

Feshfesh said...

C-Town is tha bomb, yo! Especially if you are coming from the Frozen Wastelands!

PS: I LOVE 'C-Town' sounds like a rapper's name! :D

Eureka said...

Welcome back! No wonder the rays of awesomeness have been much more intense recently.

Did you bring that eclipse here with you?

Feshfesh said...

Guilty as ego is known to block the rays of the sun on some occasions...

And thanks dude! I'm enjoying elCairo!