Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Old Friend

Today I caught up with an old friend. I always enjoy talking with him, he is everything that I am not, yet on some level we are similar. We talked about a lot of things, I updated him with my news and he did the same. I hogged the conversation more and subconsciously tried to impress a person I admire and look up to. When we were almost done he shared with me one piece of advise, he said: Remember you can revisit your choices as you want, but never regret them.

It's amazing how an old friend not only can see right through you but also can give you the advise you need the most. I needed this advice badly and he knew that. I'm the kind of person who regularly revisits his choices and always obsesses about 'what if?'. I try to quantify costs of my wrong choices believing that by doing so I am learning from my mistakes. While in fact I am regretting something that I can not change, something that I should learn from rather than regret. It's amazing how stating the obvious can make you stop. And think.

Thanks old friend.


Ashraf said...


one more post like this and you'll turn into one big fat ass drama queen!

so what if an old friend of yours gave you this "priceless" piece of advice... how do you know that he wasn't actually fucking with your brains? ha?? ha??? have you considered the chances that he actually knew that you're already fucked up and wanted to just have a go on your low self esteem? ha?? ha???

please, I want you to reconsider that post, and with all the regret you can afford in this life, DELETE IT!

Feshfesh said...

Come to think of it.. he had an evil smile on his face...*gasp*!... he was fucking with my brains!!!

Aku: Another Great Friend.

Today, I had a chat with my bestest friend in the whole wide world... aku... he shared his perspective with me.. and suddenly I realized he is right...

He is after bestest friend in the world...