Friday, April 04, 2008

The Band's Visit

I watched 'The Band's Visit' yesterday and was extremely impressed. The anti-Israeli propaganda is alive and well in Egypt with Israelis, who have to be named David or Cohen, always portrayed as evil. And although I haven't watched Israeli movies, I assumed it would also be littered with anti-Arab messages.

The Band's Visit, an Israeli movie about an Egyptian musical band that travels to Israel, was a pleasant surprise to me as didn't go down the path of the cliche mutual hatred or the cheesy political symbolism like most movies, of the same kind, usually do. On the other hand, the movie is a take on what's common between a typical person from Egypt and another from Israel. I remember reading about a speech by a US president, probably Reagan, during the Cold War where he talked about how if a US citizen and a Soviet one met, they'd find a lot more in common between them. Watching this movie gave me the same feeling. It's a pity that very few people in Egypt, and the Arab world, would see it thought. As you might have guessed it's not showing anywhere I know of in the Arab world.

I just hate it when a much-needed step, however small it may be, towards mutual understanding is ignored like that.

P.S: Kudos to Dipty for recommending


Jade said...

A serious post by Fesh??
What has the world come to! Hey - you where the hell is your last article! They didnt publish it did they! They fired you didnt they!?? Yes, yes, SPEAK THE TRUTH GOD DAMN IT!

*Jade slaps Fesh. Then regains control of herslef.

Phew... God I dont know what got a hold of me... Babe... I love this post - this is a movie I would actually like to see, sometime, someday, over a 3 days or so.... All humans are the same babe... we are all the same.

Jade said...

Only some of us are sexier than others ;)

Feshfesh said...

*Fesh breaks under pressure

Okay OKAY.. I was fired... but in MY DEFENSE no one mentioned to me anything about watching gay porn in the conference room at the magazine's office...

Oh and do watch it, ist UBER! This one has Fesh's Seal of Approval all over it.

And no, I don't believe we're all the same, each one is as different as his/her fingerprint, yet we have all have at least ONE thing in common: we're human.

Jade said...

Am not sure if your philosophical
intelligence will understand this coming theory dear Feshy...
But I'll say it to you anyways... maybe one day you'll go back & say "Aaaaaaaah! That's what Jade was talking about - damn that girl was smart!"

All Humans are Different, ie: All Humans are the Same.

Feshfesh said...

hmmmm... could we get back to gay porn?