Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Black Fesh

The creepy old man removed a drowsy bat from a jar and slit its throat; its highly viscous greenish blood oozed out on the table. Fesh flinched at the disgusting sight and didn't notice as the old man threw in some red dried-up rat eyes and some golden scorpion legs. The mix, now stirred by the old man, strangely looked like this:
The old man looked up and whispered in a frail voice: Fear not, they are under my spell. Fesh hesitated as he drew out a small sack from his pocket and asked: Are you...uhm..sure? The old man banged his hand on the table with one quick move that seemed to be at odds with his worn-out looks and yield: DON'T EVER QUESTION ME! Almost falling over from his chair, Fesh quickly got on his feet and handed the old man the sack. As Fesh left the underground dungeon he had a grin on his face, quickly looking at his watch he knew it was only 30 mins away.


Munqy said...


Munqy said...

Holy smoking shitballs.

Looks like I spoke too soon.

Feshfesh said...

*Fesh runs back to the old man’s dungeon to find him developing an aphrodisiac for earthworms, Fesh clearly out of breath:

Whatever you’ve done, it’s working! It’s only the first half-time and it’s already 3-0!!

*Fesh pauses to catch his breath..

I’ll double your payment if they don’t score any goals tonight! Hell, I’ll triple it if they don’t score any goals and we score more... interested?

*An evil smile comes across the old man’s face as an earthworm shrieks in sexual ecstasy in the background.

Feshfesh said...

You have done good old man. Though they scored 2 goals... but it still ended up 4-2. Seeing how effective your services are... gimme two packs of this aphrodisiac you've been working on.... wait... make that three packs. Oh...Yeah.

And Munqy... you are a shame... not having any trust in your national team's chances of wining... or the evil evil deeds I am capable of doing...

embee said...

Were you like blogging amidst the match?
And you made fun of me for not being allowed to watch? :P

Feshfesh said...

Correction: I was blogging BEFORE, AFTER and only in the half-time. I am not an animal you know.

That Guy said...

um...listen...would you happen to know how i can get a hold of some of that earthworm aphrodisiac...?

ahem...i assure you, it's for scientific purposes only....

Feshfesh said...

*Fesh whispers
I have what you need. But it'll cost you. 1 pill, 300 zloties. And don't worry, we deliver in unbranded brown paperbags.