Saturday, January 26, 2008

Black Fesh 2.0

The return to the underground dungeon where the old creepy man lived was not easy. Fesh knew he needed the old man's services once more. Fesh reviewed what he'd say to the creepy old man word-by-word as he went down the stairs. The old man looked up, his face pleasantly surprised: So although they are no match for you, you still come to me? Fesh quickly sat down and recited the answer he has been practicing all the way: I haven't come here to ask you for a spell to win. I have come to ask you for a spell to humiliate them, they need to lose so bad they'll regret sharing a border with us for the rest of their lives! ....Fesh hesitated for a second and added: I'm talking of a 5 goal difference win. Can you help me?

The old man nodded and got to work mixing a red liquid with a black one in a pot over the the fire. Fesh not sure if he should leave now or not hesitated and quietly stood up. The old man quickly looked in his direction and barked: BEGONE! As Fesh stumbled across the room he saw, with the corner of his eye, the old man pulling something out of a jar labeled: Green Monkey Testicles and throwing it in the mix.

Fesh breathed deeply as he stepped outside, trying to clear his lungs of the dungeon's stink. Looking up, he could see the creepy old man's chimney and above it hung an eerie smoke figure:
Fesh smiled, assured that They are under the old man's spell now.


Feshfesh said...

Fesh: Yo! Wassup?
Old Man: Yo! Nothin.. watchin the game, having a Bud.. Wasssup with you?
Fesh: Nothin.. watchin the game, having a Bud Light..*ahm* watching my weight... So Cameron just OWND Zambia. Now more than ever we NEED this 5 goal difference?
Old Man: Don't worry, it's all arranged. Gotta bounce, later.
Fesh: Later dude.

embee said...

Next time you see OM, make sure you get some refund. He has to come up with a better spell. We can't wait _that_ late into the match for the spell to start working! Or maybe like a more lethal spell to absolutely mangle the Zambian asses!

Oh yes. Embee was allowed to watch today!

Feshfesh said...

Dude, the creepy old man got us the win we need. Well, 5-nil would have been uber but 3-nil is kool too. Plus for Zambia now to qualify they need A. Cameroon to kick massive Sudanese ass, highly probable. B. Zambia to beat us like 6-nil, very far fetched. So we'r kool.

I think I'll ask the creepy old man for a draw or a pathetic 1-nil victory over Zambia. I want him to save the more potent spells for the quarter finals BABY!

And YAY for you watching the match! I just discovered that some channels might actually be showing the quarter finals and the semis in the Frozen Wastelands! WOHO!

embee said...

Invest in a Dreambox 8000! It's got the soccer, it's got the porn. It has it all!

And on second thought, we're at +5 now, kiss the COM for me, will ya?