Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008 Resolutions

After my initial draft, did some thinking and adjusted my final resolutions for 2008:

1. I'll pursue to completion one personal goal in life.
2. I'll read more, especially in new topics/areas.
3. I'll continue going to the gym to lose 10KG.
4. I'll be a better son.
5. I'll start conserving water and electricity where/when possible.
6. I'll continue to travel, visit 3 new countries.
7. I'll do one thing about my interest in Stand-Up.


embee said...

Erm.. Okay.. The only difference I can see between both lists is the order of the items. Does that have to with importance or order of execution? Or I totally got it wrong ?

Feshfesh said...

Yeah, it's minor changes I agree. For example: added 'to completion' to #1. 'new topics' to #2. 'continue going to the gym' to #3. Changed #5...etc.

And the order is more of mandatory vs. optional. With #4 being the cut-off.

diptychal said...

That's a pretty impressive list. How good are you at keeping your resolutions? I stopped making them cause I felt I was always setting myself up to fail...

Feshfesh said...

I did quite well on my last year's, I'd say 70% or so. But you know, I don't think of my resolutions as a to-do list, I think of them as a wish-list. This way you get to renew your wishes in life every year AND you don't have to suffer failure since it's not a to-do list ... it's win-win really :)