Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Iron Fesh

So I started going regularly to the Gym as of the beginning of the month. You know, one of those very late New Year resolutions. On my first day, I show up early ready for some serious gyming. The instructor gives me the whole routine: 30 mins running followed by some weightlifting. I finish the running part feeling on top of the world and then I go to the instructor who hands me two 5Kg dumbbells and asks me to do two sets of 20 counts. I do 5 counts. The instructor seems to understand that maybe I am not ready yet, so he replaces 5Kg dumbbells with 4KG ones, same drill 2x20. I do 10 counts......

The instructor clearly amused now with my incompetence waits for a girl, who is literally half my size, to finish exercising with 3Kg dumbbells and then hands them to me. I do 15 counts.

I should be ashamed of myself... I know.


NileGirl said...

lol, funny.

I'm so glad you're postings are back to normal now.

Feshfesh said...

hehehehe...... yeah, but I am still recovering .....I'd be fully back when I watch my Precious... Only few more days my Precioussss and we'll be togther... few days......gollum, gollum.

ZeRoCoOl said...

Fesh you're not the problem your trainer is. By doing cardio first you are depleting your muscles of much needed glycogen stores. Thats why your weight performance is diminished, do your weight training first and you will notice a world of a difference :D

If you have any Q's don't hesitate to holla @ me

Feshfesh said...

interesting... but in all fairness I specifically told my instructor that my key goal is to lose weight, so maybe that's why I do so much cardio (I do 30 mins first and then 30-40 mins at the end) vs. weights.

Thanks dude, I try to "communicate" with my instructor he's Polish and speaks Polish and German fluently ... sooo it might be a problem :D

ZeRoCoOl said...

lol I feel bad that you have to follow his Rocky Balboa 70's training routine. But here's some stuff to arm yourself with in case he decides to listen or if you train alone.

well if he has you warming up with a little cardio that shouldm't be more than 5-10 minutes, Before a weight routine.

But if your goal is to trim down then that should be priority 1 for you and hold off on the lifting routine. Because by having your heart rate fluctuate twice like that you are not burning fat efficiently.

For the first 20-25 minutes on a treadmill you are burning carbs and haven't even touched any of your fat stores. Try to make your cardio sessions one big block an hour is ideal you can do more if you want.

I guarantee you will watch most of it melt in the first 2 week. Then in a couple of weeks you can add a weight routine.

good luck dude....