Monday, July 30, 2007

Hail Our Googilian Overlords

Someone is telling you about a movie and you want to check the reviews, typically you'd do the following:
1. Type in your browser address bar.
2. Wait for main page for IMDB to load.
3. Search for the location of the search box (they change it every few weeks to confuse us).
4. Type the movie name you're looking for.
5. Wait for results page (Did you notice that there's always multiple results?... and NO I don't mean the TV series form 1950's called Batman!)
6. Pick the movie you are looking for from list.
7. Wait for page to load.

I've stopped doing that a few months back, thanks to our overlords at Google. I discovered the ultimate trio: a. Google toolbar b. The colon operator c. The I'm Feeling Lucky button. Those 3 if used wisely can mean you do not need to navigate to any site anymore, here's how:
1. Type into the Google toolbar: website name : keyword
2. Hit I'm Feeling Lucky button
3. Wait for exact page you want to load.

For example, if you want to look something up on Wikipedia you simply need to type:
wiki: WWII
A movie on IMDB?
imdb: The Simpsons
Check the latest weather? Cairo

This is very kool specially if you are a fellow nerd who longs to the ugly, incompetent DOS command-line or the seductive, all-mighty Linux shell....*PING*.


Munqy said...

*Munqy turns into an ancient Shaolin Kung Fu monk, with long white beard and robes and bad lip synching.

You have done well grasshopper, and are now a level 10 nerd. The Google is pleased with you.

Feshfesh said...



*Fesh then quick sits infront of Munqy

Sensei, I am forever indebted to you. Command me.

Munqy said...


Feshfesh said...

You'r a sick sick man Sensei.... and i like it.

*tana na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... paaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooo

embee said...

Check out the uber awesomeness of

Coming from a text-whore who wishes to embed a shell somewhere inside her head, muchas gracias !

ME said...

It doesn't work... Yes, It doesn't work.. try:
" windows mobile" it just uses the NORMAL google algorithm.

And then I thought of something.. I know the Fesh is smart, so that means he might have heard of it somewhere, or read about it in some article. I know the Fesh was Feshborn somewhere in the Feshopotamian Planet of Fesharius, but I still know that he is half a Feshtoid and half human... So he can errrr sometimes.

Now Try this: windows mobile
This is what the google dudes did to limit the search within ONE site

Please update your Feshopedia.

Feshfesh said...

:)))))))) I like the 'Feshology', it's like I was part of Lord of the Rings :D

As for the the search, yeah using the site: modifier definitely helps, but if you noticed using this way the first match is:

and if you simply type: msdn: windows Mobile, you'll get this exact URL as the fifth match. So I guess both algorithms are pretty close, but thanks for pointing this out.

Oh and I'll use the Feshology if you don't mind, I'll trademark it to you.

Me said...

Don't mind as long as you trademark it.. And I guess it IS easier to type the search your way..
But then again: ARE YOU a fellow nerd??
typing wiki: WWII is as good as typing wiki WWII without the Colon.
if Google was anything like the incompetent DOS comman line you would get a

C:\>wiki: WWII
Bad Command or File Name.


Feshfesh said...

hehehehehe the infamous "Bad Command or File Name"

*Nerdish Hi5*