Thursday, June 04, 2009

Timeless elCairo

Much has already been said about Obama's historic speech today to the Islamic world from, to borrow his words, the timeless city of elCairo. It all boils down to the fact that it was an extremely balanced speech, something that says alot about the man himself. Yet to an immature person like myself it was frustrating. A fifty-minute speech and I couldn't find one thing to crack a joke at? What the hell man? Didn't he ask himself what would Jesus do? Because I'm sure the answer to that would have been: stumble once or twice!

There was a close call with his closing line though, I felt he almost went with "God bless America". Could you imagine how funny that would have been! But he skillfully made it into "God...'s peace be upon you". Ugh, lucky bastard. And is it God's peace be upon you or just peace be upon you? Anyhoo, wi 3alikom ya khowya, nawart, mato3od teshrab 7aga?


madwomaninatic said... could poke fun at the fact that they actually cleaned up the streets he was passing through and trimmed the trees in heliopolis... reminds me of a third-rate egyptian comedy movie, "Gawas bekarar gomhoury", where they painted and fixed the 7ara cuz the president was attending a wedding! or the fact that Cairo's streets were literally empty that day... wish we had obama here everyday!!!!

Feshfesh said...

Yeah dude, but all of these things are really not of his own doing, right? That's our *ahm* brilliant government at work.

I was really looking forward for him stumbling or saying/doing something mildy amusing... but no!

madwomaninatic said...

unfortunately, obama isn't as amusing as bush... damn, that dude was full of timeless gems of hilarity!!! i don't think the world's ever known a funnier politician in its history!!!! obama actually has a brain and uses it... not very amusing though.

DailyAntics said...

I fancy him :)

Feshfesh said...

You and 3.35 billion other women I'm guessing... and *ahm* a few men.

*Fesh blushes.