Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Stupidity of The Masses (Take III)

It's really amusing to see how the world of some Facebokians has been shattered--to put it midly--by the new changes to Facebook's interface. I understand that as an addicition, you would want to get your fix quickly. But the amount of status updates that I have read about people begging for help with the new, confusing interface is really scary.

The hilarious thing is that some of the folks who put those status updates are doctors, engineers and businessmen. So I couldn't help but wonder how is it that some of those folks save lives for a living or deal with the uncertainties of the economic meltdown on daily basis, yet they were thrown off balance by the fact that now when FriendA writes on FriendB's wall it will appear in your news feed as: Friend A> Friend B: Message, instead of: Friend A has written on Friend B's wall.

The other entertaining thing is the whining. Few months back when Facebook's interface was changed, people revolted and established groups to fight the horrendous new interface--and of course nothing happened and the interface was not changed back. Now, the same thing is happening all over again! Don't the folks who join those groups feel a tiny bit stupid? I can understand users revolting to things such as privacy and terms (as was the case few weeks back), but to revolt about how your homepage looks now, really? That's the other thing, imagine if we can do this at work. If your boss changes anything as slight as where you sit in the office, you start bitching about it and print banners and put it above your desk. Wouldn't it be fun to work at a company where you can do this?

Note: for more ripping on the idiocy of Facebokians, please read this and that.

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