Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Obama's Appeal

I'm sure this was noted elsewhere before, but today I realised why Obama is so appealing as a presidential candidate. And no it's not his message of hope, charisma or the fact that he's a historic candidate. It's what he's not.

The current president was born to a wealthy family and a father who was himself a US president. Though a privileged child, I'm going to take a wild guess and say G.W.Bush was not a bright student. Just a hunch. Also as president he led the US into an extremely unpopular war and secured a historic low for himself when it comes to approval ratings as a US president. Enter Obama who was born into a simple family, with his father as a Kenyan immigrant. Though not as privileged as elpresidente currento, Obama turned out real good. A law degree from Yale, a place in the Senate and a couple of bestselling books he authored under his belt. As a politician he is against Bush's unpopular war in Iraq and he is for dialogue with nations that the current administration decided to pretend they don't exist, something that worked real well for G.W. when he was in 4th grade and couldn't get along with a gang of Syrian, Iranian and North Korean bullies.

So in short, Obama is simply the exact opposite of the buffoon who currently resides in 1600 Pennsylvania avenue!
*Fesh pauses for his dramatic revelation to sink in with the crowd... nothing.

Okay, okay, let's try a different approach, he's the one to bring balance to the Force?
*crowd bursts into cheers.


Palli Neekeri said...

No doubt, he received a great education - Columbia University and Harvard Law School are among the best America has to offer. Added to that the prestigious prep schools in Indonesia and US such as Punahou complete the bold statement.

But that's the point - he was not at disadvantage at all. His parents were well educated (both got degrees from Manoa Univ which is the best one in Hawaii and his father got a scholarship to pursue Phd studies at Harvard), they spoke foreign languages - that's no very close to the average Joe in US reality. He was also able to get exposure to the mix of different cultures at Hawaii/Indonesia/LA - he even attended a 'Muslim' school as he calls it (and picked up Arabic).

And all of that not because he was working so hard to pay the school bills (there's no evidence that he was working) or because he was so smart to get a scholarship. He owns that to the privileged environment - being the parents/grandparents/wealthy stepfather or a combination of above. In his very own TV spot he says (if I remember right): 'I was lucky enough to get a great education'.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that, and that's a sad true, in most cases you would need some level of support (e.g. education) to be able to achieve something in live
(and ..politics). It used to be like that in the ancient times, medieval ages and this rule is still applicable nowadays. And there are fewer exceptions than you might think.

And BTW I personally think Obama has the skill, experience and energy to be a successful politician.

Palli Neekeri said...

Oooops. Big brother is moderating. Now I actually need to log in (buuu) to post a comment. And that is clearly against the freedom of the internet.

Well. Thank God for BugMeNot.com!

Feshfesh said...

Wow, okay... you seem to be Obama's #1 stalker :D You know too much.

*Fesh picks up the phone and calls up Secret Service.

But wow, I didn't know all of that, but still man, you could argue that G.W.Bush was born into a privileged environment right? And he ended up "miss-underestimating" the Iraqi war! :D

So, even if Obama was privileged as you say, at least that's a smart person who clinged to what life thru at him.. and after all not everyone with a Harvard (I thought it was Yale? :D) degree can get the momentum to run for president at this relatively very young age.


Jade said...

*Jade gives Fesh the nod of approval.

Good post my boy.

Though I agree with all you said, & the dude above - I have a very strong feeling that the Republicans will win.Again.

Both the democrats represent minorities & 1st timers in their own category - a lady president & a black president...

In all cases, it's quite sad because who calls the shots in the white house is NOT the president - so do you really believe much will change?

Feshfesh said...

I'd be very disappointed if the Republicans won, man if this messed-up situation in Iraq and the economy can't convince the American public to switch to Democrats, I don't know what would!

And I do believe a president can change things, especially a democratic president + a democratic majority in the senate, that is a powerful combination.

Munqy said...

If the Clintons insist on pushing towards getting Hilary the White House, I'm afraid the Republicans really could win it. Latest polls show that the majority of Obama voters would now rather vote for McCain instead of Clinton, and vice versa (Clinton supporters would vote for McCain instead of Obama). This drawn out battle between the two Democratic candidates has really hurt the party. I respected Clinton for keeping with the fight right up until the super delegates numbers swung Obama's way, now it looks like there really is no way for her to win and she should just call it quits and try and get in on Obama's game as Vice President, or at least some sort of post in his government to swing her voters over to him.

I think we should do things caveman style. Give everyone the shin bones of Mammoths and get them to duke it out. Last one standing gets the world, and then old man McCain really has no chance of getting in.

Feshfesh said...

I can't see an Obama-Hilary campaign at all... I don't know how it was done in past campaigns, but with the amount of shit they threw at each other... it would be very strange to see them as running mates..

and.. no no no... we'd don't want them to battle it out.. have you seen the damage done by an old-man-balls swing?! McCain would crush them all from 300 meters away!

Munqy said...

Nonsense, McCain is only kept alive through ancient voodoo rituals that involve sacrificing scarabs to keep his heart beating. Also, he is only kept upright with a massive stick up his arse.


Feshfesh said...

Well, when he's president and he decides to invade Maison elMunqy and stay there a 100 years... who's the one who'd have stick up his arse, han?

Munqy said...

No one can invade Mansion deMunqy. It is protected on one side by a putrid ter3a, full of chemicals which melt even unobtanium in under a nanosecond. The second side is protected by a cemetry, and I am already practicing my necromantic skills to ensure that I can raise a horde of undead minions to swarm attackers. The third side is inhabited by CVW (Crazy Vet Woman), and she has genetically manipulated her creatures to create horrifying Chimeras like a half bull, half ostrich, half mango tree - yes three halves, that's how good she is. The one entrance to the house is protected by Ali and his miraculous breeding skills. So far we have half a million of Ali's offspring protecting us, with more coming each day, and they devour each other to ensure that only the strongest survive.

McCain doesn't stand a chance mate.

Feshfesh said...

errr... so, look dude, regarding this bbq/pool thing we were doing after the grand opening of Maison DeMunqy... I think I'll be sick that day... and that has NOTHING todo with CVW... I promise.

Munqy said...

Coward. Can you imagine what would happen if I convince her to blend Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Bianca Beauchamp? Instant win.

Feshfesh said...


Munqy said...

She can do anything. She is CVW. She even has a special uniform.

Feshfesh said...

Ahan.. but can she make us win the ACN? han? han?

*Fesh pets his Creepy Old Man...

May said...

Hey, I found you via VerveEarth.

This post was awesome, but the last part just totally made it that much better! ^__^

Feshfesh said...

Hey May! Thanks! :) ...and yes, comments almost always have to stray away from the boring topic of the post, it's a binding contractual agreement really :D