Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Moving DRAFTS to Production.. (2of 3)

As promised, more incomplete drafts fresh out of the oven....This is draft 2 of 3 :
Just yesterday I saw this article about the Hi-Res pics a spacecraft orbiting Mars has snapped (yes I'm boring and I read boring shit, we've established that) during it's multiple flyovers of the Red Planet.
The funky thing is that it took a picture of another spacecraft (it's the white disk in the middle of the picture) that NASA sent back in 1976.... think about it... a spacecraft that has sad there motionless for 30 years in the middle of the Martian Desert.

It's been sitting there,motionless, for basically all your life. Think about it, you were born, went to school, studied, went thru exams, vacations, university, work.. you even got married and got two kids. It was there sitting still in an alien world...isn't that freaky?

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