Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The 5-point rough guide

I don’t like having dinners here in the US, I believe there's a personality clash between me and your typical USofA waiter. If you are a waiter, pls go thru this 5-point rough guide to serving me:

1. I can barely remember the names of my friends, so pls dont waste my precious brain space with your name.
2. If I don't like my food I'll bitch about it, If I'm not bitching then I am enjoying.
3. Don’t interrupting me while I'm enjoying my meal, to ask "Is everything alright".
4. IF you absolutely have to interrupt then understand that the number of interruptions is inversely proportional to the % of tip I'm gonna leave you.
5. When I say "Thank you", I expect "you’re welcome" and not "you’re verry welcome". I just gave you my empty plate, let's be honest here.


wyVern said...

c'mon give them a break ;) they are nice people, u tell them I am good and they go. Actually I'd rather have someone care too much than not care at all. Even though the waiters here are a bit pushy, but at least u get the service u want, unlike some other places where u have to beg for a cup of coffee and then u will get it cold :)

wyVern said...

oh and nice blog, I enjoyed going through it :D

Homer said...

hehehehehe.. well yeah I guess u'v a point :)) But then again if I'm at a place and ther service takes to long or my coffee comes cold... I get to bitch about it here !:D

So what's yoru blog, checked you profile but there aint anything listed there..

wyVern said...

my blog is a "used to be" :) Now I get to comment on ppl's blogs and walk away clean ;)

Homer said...

baq baq baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqqqqqqqqqqqqq


Kidding man! :)