Friday, August 11, 2006

The Da Vinci Code of Global Warming

I must say that Crichton’s latest novel “State of Fear” is an amazing read, that is after you get over Crichton’s trademark information overload : ) At the core of the novel is what every conspiracy theorist likes, the claim that Global Warming which has been established as a fact of life in the recent years is a politically fabricated conspiracy theory. The way Crichton weaves his plot depending of facts, scientific papers and fiction is so gripping it automatically gave me a Da Vinci Code Déjà vu.

I liked how all through the novel Crichton is emphasizing the hidden agendas of different groups be it individuals, governments or environmental groups. Crichton finishes his novel with one of my favorite catch-22 statements of all time:
Everybody has an agenda. Except me

Read the novel!

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